FOBO Trace

An Effective, Targeted

Data-Driven Contact Tracing

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Letting FOBO Trace do this

job is a game changer


Contact Tracing

To prevent the virus from spreading

we must break the chain of infection

The Minimalist
Be it in pocket or on bag
  • Slow, manual scan
  • Not everyone has a smartphone
  • Not working well with lower spec phone
  • Required internet connection
FOBO Trace
  • No manual scanning required
  • Works without internet
  • Capture encounter with one another if contact time more than 5 minutes automatically
  • Every captured encounter is encrypted

How It Works

Portable Trace to be carried in a bag or pocket

Bluetooth signals exchanged with other Traces nearby

If user tested positive for COVID-19, Trace will be handed to health authorities for contact tracing

Swift Isolation of Close Contacts

Minimize Operation Downtime

Efficient Contact Tracing


We thank you for your services and sacrifice during this difficult time.

You are our heroes.

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