Privacy Policy

Salutica Berhad and its subsidiary whether individually or collectively (“Salutica”) is committed to protect your personal data and takes into consideration your rights in regards to collection, use and storage of your personal data and to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA 2010”). We take the matter of protecting your personal data as a high priority matter. Salutica’s privacy practices in relation to the use of our website (“Website”) are as follows:-




  1. Online Purchase. In order to process your purchases through our website at and to provide you with our services, the personal data that we collect may include the following:-

            • Name, company name, and job title; 

            • Contact information including address, phone numbers, and email address;

            • Demographic information such as postcode, preferences, and interests;

            • Personal/financial information such as date of birth, age, identity card number, monthly income, payment, credit card particulars and financial history; and

            • Other information is relevant to processing your purchase.


  1. FOBO Account. In order to use the FOBO software and services, you are required to create a FOBO Account. This involves registering your FOBO device(s)’ identification / serial number, using a valid e-mail address to create an account, and setting a password for your FOBO Account. Throughout your use of your FOBO device(s), diagnostic, usage, and/or related information and data such as information, profiles, settings, configurations, preferences, and data regarding your FOBO device(s), your Participating Device (e.g: your smart device such as smartphone, tablets, notebooks, etc. which contains the FOBO software to be used in conjunction with the FOBO device(s)) as well as software, applications, peripherals and/or accessories used in conjunction with your FOBO device(s) and/or Participating Device will be collected by Salutica. The creation of this FOBO Account is mandatory in order to use the FOBO software, services, and device(s).


  1. CrossPair. The CrossPair feature assists you in the process of pairing:-


  1. your newly purchased FOBO device(s) with your participating device; and
  2. all of your existing registered FOBO device(s) with a new Participating Device.


The diagnostic, usage, and/or related information and data regarding your FOBO device(s) and your Participating Device as well as any peripherals and/or accessories use in conjunction with your FOBO Device and/or Participating Device such as information, profiles, settings, configurations, preferences, and data will be recorded by Salutica and will be used to assist you, via your FOBO Account, in pairing your FOBO device(s) with your Participating Device without the need to manually initiate the pairing process. This CrossPair feature is mandatory in order to use the FOBO software, services and device(s).




  1. The information is used primarily for the purposes of
    1. To ensure the Website is relevant to your needs.
    2. To deliver services, products and/or information, that you request.
    3. To help us create and publish content most relevant to you.
    4. To alert you to service and information updates from the Website, if you so request.


  1. From time to time, we may use your information in order to send important notices, announcements or updates to you in relation to matters such as purchases as well as changes to our terms, conditions and/or policies. This manner of communication to you is important in order to keep you informed of future matters and thus, the receipt of such communications are mandatory.


  1. We may also use your information for the purposes of auditing, analysis and further research in order to improve Salutica’s products and services.


  1. In certain situations, we may need to transfer your personal data to locations outside Malaysia for processing or storage in order to provide you with our products and/or services.




  1. Salutica may disclose your personal data and/or information collected as mentioned above (“Information”) to authorised partners, affiliates, contractors or subsidiaries who are necessary for the performance of Salutica’s services and products such as collecting, compiling, analysing, processing and maintaining your Information. For this, such partners, affiliates, contractors or subsidiaries will be made obligated to protect your Information as well.  


  1. There may also be instances where it is necessary for Salutica to disclose your Information as compelled by law, local authorities, governmental bodies and/or litigation. Salutica may also decide to disclose your Information if it determines that such disclosure is necessary for the purposes of legal enforcement, national security and/or public importance.


  1. Salutica may also decide to disclose your Information if it determines that such disclosure is necessary for the purposes of enforcing its terms and conditions in relation to protecting its services, products, operations and users.


  1. If in the event any restructuring, reorganization, sale of business or merger occurs, Salutica may transfer your Information to the third party concerned.




Should you wish to address any issues regarding your Information, you may contact Salutica’s customer service department at Kindly take note that as the accuracy of your Information solely and entirely depends on your input, Salutica in no manner makes any commitment nor takes any obligations to ensure the accuracy and veracity of your Information.




Salutica will only retain the data which you have provided to us for as long as Salutica need to provide you with our services, to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements, and to fulfill Salutica’s internal requirements. If Salutica no longer need your personal data for the stated reasons, Salutica will destroy or permanently delete your personal data.




Cookies may also be used when you visit our website, to identify you, and in the processing of your information. Cookies are small bits of information that are automatically stored on a person's web browser in his or her computer that can be retrieved by our website. You may disable the cookies by changing the settings on your browser although this may result in limited access to our website.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that for the purposes of improving your user experience and to perform transactions on this site, your personal information may be stored by cookies used on this site. You hereby consent to the use of such cookies on this site.



As Salutica is committed to ensure the integrity and security of the Information or data which you have provided, Salutica has put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard your data.




This policy may be translated in different languages for the purposes of local requirements in different jurisdictions. In the event that there are any differences, discrepancy and/or dispute between the English version and Non-English version of this policy, the English version of this policy shall prevail.




User may request for data deletion by writing in to


You hereby agree that the terms herein shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and that you hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.​


In the event where any term herein is invalidated by reason of illegality, you agree that all other remaining terms shall continue to remain in force as if the invalidated term has been severed and do not form part of the terms herein.