FOBO Wheely

FOBO Wheely is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for wheelchairs with air-filled pneumatic tires, using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that works directly with your smart device using Android 5.0 and iOS 12 or later.

-  Real-time wheelchair tire pressure and temperature monitoring.
-  Multiple modes of alerts.
-  FOBO "Caretaker" feature for remote monitoring.
-  In-App "SOS" feature.
-  Maximum Pressure: 900kPa (130psi)
-  Weight: 7.6g (sensor –with battery)

FOBO Wheely sensors are only compatible with FOBO Wheely App.


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FOBO Wheely TPMS Black - 1 set
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TPMS for wheelchair

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FOBO Wheely TPMS Silver - 1 set
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TPMS for Wheelchair

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The World's First All Bluetooth Smart TPMS for Wheelchairs. 

FOBO Wheely is an advanced Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that offers remote monitoring of wheelchair tires through the FOBO Wheely App. 

FOBO Wheely App is an “at your fingertips” App for monitoring tire pressure & temperature of wheelchair tires. The sensors transmit 24x7 and the information can be remotely shared with a caretaker for monitoring purposes.

FOBO Wheely App offers multiple wheelchair profiles configuration, which is suitable for Motorised scooters, Manual and Powered Wheelchairs. 

FOBO Wheely App allows caregivers to remotely monitor the tire pressure and temperature of tires. 

One might be alone someday and start feeling very ill, incapable of calling an ambulance or reaching the nearest hospital. The application can save your life in case of an accident, or other health issues: just press the “SOS” button and let your caretaker know where you are and immediate care required. The “SOS” button application allows the elders, people with a physical impairment or reduced mobility to move freely, as it counters the feelings of vulnerability in urban settings.

FOBO wheely sensors wouldn’t be complete without the means to actually monitor tire pressure and temperature. FOBO Wheely App offers multiple features, users can use the App to monitor tire pressure and temperature without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices is the app compatible with?

The app is compatible with devices using iOS 12 and Android 5 or later with Bluetooth 5.0 or 4.0.

Do I need to manually reconnect the sensors if I go out of the Bluetooth range?

There is no such need; sensors will automatically connect back with the smartphone once within the Bluetooth range.

Type of battery and lifespan?

The sensor uses coin cell battery CR1632, which can last up to 1 year with standard use and within the specified operating temperature.

Is the battery replaceable or rechargeable?

The battery is user-replaceable but not rechargeable. Users can easily replace the battery without using a tool.

Is the battery covered by any warranty?

The battery is a consumable item and will not be covered under warranty.

Can I monitor tire pressure and temperature with FOBO Wheely sensors without an internet connection?

Yes, you can. Sensors use Bluetooth technology to work with smartphones. Internet connection is only required for the installation and release of FOBO Wheely sensors.

What if the FOBO Wheely sensor got stolen?

The sensor is linked with the owner’s email address. This will prevent the stolen sensor to be used by anyone else. You can always purchase a replacement sensor from our web-store "".

Is the App free of charge to download and use?

FOBO Wheely App is available free of charge to download on Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS). There are no additional or hidden charges.

What is the maximum pressure which the FOBO Wheely sensor can measure?

The sensor can measure a maximum of up to 130psi (900 kPa).

What is a sensor weight?

The sensor weight is only 7.6g (inclusive of the CR1632 battery).

Which Bluetooth chip FOBO Wheely sensor is using?

FOBO Wheely sensor is using Bluetooth 5 chipset and it is compatible with smartphones with Bluetooth 4 or 5.

Do I need professional help to install the FOBO Wheely sensors?

The installation is DIY and will take only a few minutes to complete. Please refer to the quick start guide provided in the packaging box or download the user manual from the FOBO Wheely page.

What if I lost my smartphone?

With its Cross-Pair technology, users just need to download FOBO Wheely App on a new smartphone and log in with the same account; all the details will be made available on the new smartphone.

What is the product warranty?

The product warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase.

What are the color variants?

The sensor is available in two colors; Black and Silver.

Can FOBO Wheely sensors detect a slow and fast leak?

Yes, a sensor can detect slow and fast leaks.

Can users and caretakers be able to monitor the data remotely?

Yes, the FOBO Wheely system is capable to do remote monitoring – Auto synchronization

How many levels of alerts?

FOBO Wheely offers three levels of alerts.

Is this theft proof?

a) Sensors are tied to a FOBO account after installation. They are not re-usable or transferable without the owner releasing them from his/her FOBO account. This theft deterrent feature removes the economic value of a stolen sensor to discourage theft. b) FOBO Wheely package comes with anti-theft lock-nuts and a special wrench. The anti-theft locking system will lock your sensor against others from unscrewing it.

Will this fit on my wheelchair?

Sensors are compatible with the Schrader valve, which is almost universal on tires. Please check the physical dimensions of the sensor to ensure sufficient clearance between the installed sensor and any part of the wheelchair.

Is the sensor waterproof?

Yes, the sensor is waterproof (IP57).

Will the FOBO app runs in the background and alert me to low pressures while Google map is on the screen and music is also playing?

The App will monitor the sensors in the background. Please ensure that you have enabled and accepted all the App permissions requested. It will alert users whenever there is a pressure breach, it will slow down the music to notify you on the alert. If you are wearing a smartwatch then the alerts will be shown on the watch too.


FOBO Wheely sensor Specification:

  •  Bluetooth: v5.0
  •  Transmit Conducted Power: +5.0dBm (sensor)
  •  Receiver Sensitivity: Conducted Sensitivity -97dBm @ 0.1%BER
  •  Antenna Return Loss: Typical -9dB
  •  Operating Frequency: 2.402~2.480 GHz
  •  Battery Type: CR1632 (sensor). Operating life up to 1 year. (NOTE: The battery operating life varies according to usage and climate temperature)
  •  Operating Temperature: -30°C to +85°C (sensor), -20°C to +60°C (sensor with common CR1632 batteries)
  •  Weight: 7.6g (sensor –with battery)
  •  Sensor Dimension H x D: 13.8mm x 20.2mm
  •  Maximum Pressure: 900kPa (130psi)
  •  ESD: 8kV air discharge & 4kV direct contact discharge according to CE standard
  •  Dust and Water Proof: IEC60529 compliant to IP57(sensor)
  •  Sensor structural threshold: 100N ball pressure intensity test
  •  Mechanical & Environmental Reliability Testing Standards: IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-1, ISO 21750, IEC 60068-2-29, IEC 60068-2-5, IEC 60068-2-32, ISO 15184, ISO 2409, SAE J2657, SAEJ113/13

Please ensure sufficient clearance between the installed FOBO wheely sensor and any part of the wheelchair. There is a risk of damage to the sensor or ripping off valve from the rim or sudden air leak if clearance is insufficient; the valve may deflect under strenuous vibration.

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FOBO Wheely TPMS Black - 1 set
99.00 USD

TPMS for wheelchair

Ships Worldwide (With Tracking)

FOBO Wheely TPMS Silver - 1 set
99.00 USD

TPMS for Wheelchair

Ships Worldwide (With Tracking)