Thomas Okerlund 1414 days ago 
Interface with Harley-Davidson Boombox GTS.

Will the TPMS system interface with the new Boombox?

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System Android 10
Device OnePlus 8
あきら  FOBO Admin 1412 days ago

Hi Thomas, we do not have a chance to try with Harley Boombox. Can you please try to install FOBO Bike 2 into it and let us know the result? Thanks a lot.

Thomas Okerlund  1410 days ago

It won’t interface on its own however if the application could be loaded into Android Auto it would work.

James Smith  1098 days ago

Have you tried to ask Google if they will integrate your app into Android Auto yet?  510 days ago

We need apple carplay and android auto. What can we do to help!