MattyBoy 56 days ago 
New User Questions

Hi, Great product... can't wait to road test (its raining right now). Question 1: The two temperature readings are 10 degrees F apart after sitting in garage overnight. What's up with that? Question 2: How do I know if I need a firmware update? Do I just try it and see or is the firmware reported somewhere? Also, what is the latest firmware version? Should I do a firmware update on brand-new units out of the box? Thanks. Matthew

Additional information
App version 1.11.0
OS Android 10
Device Samsung Galaxy S10+
MattyBoy  55 days ago

The units are actually tracking temperature perfectly. I had added air to one and just the simple act of handling the unit drove it 10 degrees higher than the other one. Apparently, they are sensitive and quick to change. So no problem with Question one. Only the firmware question remains. And BTW, the build quality and software is very high.

Gan  FOBO Admin 54 days ago

Thanks for the update. We ship the product with latest firmware. If you are worries, you can try to enable firmware upgrade for individual sensor, the app will hint whether you have the latest firmware or not. Enjoy using FOBO!