Bill Heberer 375 days ago 
transfer sensors to new owner

sold my bike, and new owner needs to be able to use sensors, how does this happen?

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System iOS 12.4
Device iPhone 11

Dear Bill Thanks for writing us here, Please note, you need to released sensors from your FOBO Bike 2 account by press and hold on sensor's box and then selecting "Release" or kindly ask new owner to provide us with below details for transferring ownership by writing an email to "" : 1. What is new owner email account that logged-in for FOBO Bike 2 App now? (It is available on top of the general setting page)  2. What was your email that you registered and installed sensors before in FOBO Bike App?  3. Send us a screenshot of the error message that new owner received during reinstalling Sensors with a sensor's ID included in message. (Ensure sensor’s batteries are new with voltage 3v and above) We look forward to serving you better.  Best Regards Amir Bayati Customer Experience | Salutica Allied Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (a subsidiary of Salutica Berhad) 3 Jalan Zarib 6, Kawasan Perindustrian Zarib, 31500 Lahat, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia M  +6016 787 3175 |

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