Critter 759 days ago 
Reusing my fobo bike sensors after a 3 year absence

I have been off my bikes for over 3 years due to a medical condition. I have changed phones and downloaded the new app. Got new batteries and tried to set everything up. While installing the sensor on the wheel and reading it with the program it tells me that it is owned by someone else I am sure the other 3 will tell me the same thing. How do I clear these sensors so I can use them again. thank you, John

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System iOS 15
Device Iphone 12 pro
Amir Bayati  FOBO Admin 758 days ago

Dear Critter Thank you for contacting FOBO, Please note for migrated to FOBO Bike 2 App, you need to login with same account as original FOBO Bike App, If you don’t have access to primary email kindly provide us with below details for transferring ownership by write to email : 1. What is your email account have you logged-in for FOBO Bike 2 App now? (It is available on top of the general setting page) 2. What was your email that you registered and installed sensors with the original FOBO Bike App? (It is available on top of the general setting page) 3. Send us a screenshot of the error message have you received during reinstalling sensors. (Ensure sensor’s batteries are new) We look forward to serving you better. Best Regards Amir Bayati FOBO Support Team

Critter  758 days ago

It had some weird account on it (numbers and letters@privateer) I removed the app and reinstalled it, logged in with the email account I thought I had used originally and all is well with the world. At least on one bike haven't changed the batteries on the other one yet. Thank you. John