Mayakovski 813 days ago 
Setup Off Bike

Is it possible to pair the app with the sensors before they are installed on the bike? The phone I use does not have cellular, and my parking garage does not have WIFI. I would like to pair the sensors with the phone in my apartment and then take them down and install on my bike. Will this work? Thank You

Additional Information
App Version 1.14.5
Mobile Operating System Android 12
Device Samsung Galaxy S21+5G
Amir Bayati  FOBO Admin 812 days ago

Dear Mayakovski Thank you for contacting FOBO, Please trying to Take out the sensor battery and wait for at least 15 seconds before inserting it back instead of screw on bike's tire valves OR you trying with any tire's valves with air such as bicycle inside your house to install them and then screw on sensors in Parking for your Bike. Please contact us with writing to for further assistance. Best Regards Amir Bayati FOBO Support Team

Mayakovski  811 days ago

It worked perfectly to use my bicycle tires as a substitute. Thank You