Wem1941 821 days ago 
Cannot reinstall

Upgraded phone to iPhome 13 and but my settings for the FOBO bike 2 appear to have been removed. I cannot reconnect to the or install them. Please assist. Sensor Owned by Others This sensor (001588084808) is already installed in the "Front Tire" position of other bike profile name "2020RGS" belonging to user with email address

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System iOS 15
Device Iphone 13
Amir Bayati  FOBO Admin 820 days ago

Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for contacting FOBO, According to our data, your Bike 2 sensors are belong to email "macey.billl@gmail.com" , Please logout from current account from general setting page and then re-login with your primary email that you have registered and installed sensors before "macey.billl@gmail.com", you will have your Bike's profile "2020RGS" and sensors in your account upon re-login, Should you have any issue arise, you may revert to us for further assistance by writing to fobo@salutica.com.my, Thank you. Best Regards Amir Bayati FOBO Support Team

Jeffrey E Madrigal  191 days ago

I’m having the same problem. I logged out and te logged in, but system still says they belong to another.