Jeremy Smith 987 days ago 
makes me use facebook which no longer wors

I have a new phone and loaded the new fobo app. When i try to login using my email address it shows my address and says click to login with facebook. I then get a message saying facebook cannot login on an embedded browser. It wont let me just enter my password with my email address. I am also running android version 12 on a google pixel 6 pro neither of which are options here

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System Android 11
Device pixel 5
amir.salutica  987 days ago

Dear Jeremy Smith Thank you for contacting FOBO and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please write to "" about this matter and let us know your email you have registered and installed sensors first time. We look forward to serving you better. Best Regards FOBO Support Team

Johnny Boyle  963 days ago

Having the same problem too. App demands that I use facebook to login then gives me a "Login disabled" message (see attached). I tried everything I could think of - including switching Facebook's link to apps - and nothing. I tried setting up another account but the fobos think they're attached to the initial (fb) account & won't attach (which is a great security feature but not useful for this situation). Please help as I feel safe knowing that (usually) my tyre pressures are being monitored.