RANash 995 days ago 
Reconnecting to sensors

When my phone is too far away from the bike and Bluetooth cannot connect to the sensors, they, of course, don't update. This is expected. Then, when I return to the bike, the sensors do not reconnect automatically. I have been restarting the phone, which causes them to reconnect. Is there a way to get them to reconnect without having to restart the phone?

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System Android 9 Pie
Device Moto e6 Plus
amir.salutica  995 days ago

Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for contacting FOBO and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Kindly check below troubleshooting steps which effected to App performance for android phones: 1. Logout and uninstall App from your Android Phone 2. Reinstall FOBO Bike2 App from Play Store and Login with your primary email again. 3. Accept and allow all App permissions , specially turn on Bluetooth and location service for FOBO Bike 2 App . 4. FOBO service should be running in the background and appearing in the phone notification panel when App is running. 5. Disconnect phone to other Bluetooth devices such as watch, headsets…. for testing performance. 6. Turn off Power Saving mode in android Battery setting 7. Ensure smartphone battery is not less than 20%. 8. Remove the smartphone from casing (if there is any for testing). 9. Rebooting the smartphone if still the App doesn't update data and the above steps do not help. We suggest to monitor for some ride and if you have any issue arise, you may revert to us for further assistance and write to fobo@salutica.com.my Best Regards Amir Bayati FOBO Support Team

Sweepdaleg1957  660 days ago

All of these steps, just to get this product to work correctly? I have the same problem, and I've only had my sensors for 2 months