Paddy 1056 days ago 
FOBO 2 reading different from digital tire gauge

I have moved to the FOBO Bike 2 from the Garmin tire pressure sensors due to my new Garmin GPS not recognizing the Garmin tire pressure sensors. I have a JACO digital tire pressure gauge/inflator. I have T valve stems so I do not have to take the pressure sensors off when checking the tire pressures. The difference between the JACO gauge and the Garmin pressure readings has always been within .2 PSI of one another. The difference between the JACO gauge and the FOBO pressure readings is 1 PSI on the front tire and 2 PSI on the rear tire with the FOBO being higher than the JACO gauge on both tires. I adjusted the recommended pressures down the appropriate PSI in the FOBO app to compensate for these differences. The recommended pressure on the front tire is 36 PSI and the recommended pressure on the rear tire is 41 PSI. The front tire is a 150/80-16 and the rear tire is a 180/65-16. All pressure readings are with cold tires. Question: Is this variation within the acceptable range for the FOBO tire pressure sensors?

Additional Information
App Version 1.13.3
Mobile Operating System iOS 14.5
Device iPhone 8
amir.salutica  995 days ago

Dear Paddy Thank you for contacting FOBO, Please note, If you want to compare FOBO sensor reading and the handheld air pressure gauge, you need to take both device accuracy into account. In this case FOBO Bike sensor is more accurate. FOBO Tire/Bike 2 sensors accuracy are - 0.94 PSI to +0.94 PSI You may need to check your Gauge pressure accuracy too. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and write to Best Regards FOBO Support Team