jim@jgjackson.com 1106 days ago 
Fobo Bike 2 and Apple Carplay

This would be a great product and probably get a greater market share if it was Apple Carplay compatible. It would be much safer as it would be integrated into the bike. All new H-D touring bikes have Apple Carplay.

Additional Information
App Version 1.0.0
Mobile Operating System iOS 14.5
Device Iphone XR
amir.salutica  1106 days ago

Dear Jim Thank you for contacting FOBO and your suggestion. Currently Apple accepting Audio, Communication, Navigation Apps for display in Car Play and FOBO Bike 2 is not included, We are contacting Apple if they change requirements and accept FOBO Bike 2 App for displaying in Car play. Should you have any issue arise, you may revert to us for further assistance. Best Regards Amir Bayati FOBO Support Team

jim@jgjackson.com  1106 days ago

I know Apple limits the types of apps for Carplay to limit distractions to the driver. A TPMS app that displays an alert when there is an issue would not be a distraction, but would enhance safety. I would use that approach with Apple.

Horacio   575 days ago

How is the negotiation with Apple CarPlay? There will be an app for CarPlay?

acampocc@outlook.com  510 days ago

We need apple car play. How can we all help get this done?

9cx  472 days ago

Apple CarPlay would be awesome. Is there a way for you to add Apple CarPlay app notifications to app?

Jmelendez   391 days ago

Please add to CarPlay, as it would be a great safety feature on my CarPlay.

enlightenonq@gmail.com  383 days ago

I agree we need FOBO to be added to the CarPlay applicaction. It's the only app left on my motorcycle to be displayed on my Screen..... Please work to get this added. Much Appreciated ! ! ! !