Bike Prep Tips for winter





How good is winter! Not only an epic time to ride, but it's also a good time to stop and make sure your bike is in great condition and ready to roll out to the track or trails in the best condition it can be in.

Here are a few reminders on bike maintenance tips, along with our suggestions on how to make the most of your winter riding.



Fuel stabilisers bind water and protect the system against rust and corrosion. This helps prevent the gummy build up in the fuel system associated with oxidation and ensures smooth start after long periods of storage.



Always good to flush brake fluid with new fluid. Brake fluid is "hydroscopic" which in a nutshell means super absorbent - it is essential to flush it on a regular basis to lessen chances of boiling brakes.

You will need a bleed kit an 8mm spanner for the bleed screw/nipple (please note 8mm fits MOST but not ALL) - definitely worth checking before you head down to the local Bunnings! Finally, don't forget some brake clean and a rag and bottle to catch and clean up any mess you make.




Get a pair of folding levers - saves carrying spares with you!




Winter usually brings condensation on rides which can get into the nooks and crannies of your bike and cause corrosion and rust. There's a tonne of different products to suit (depending on the types of riding you do) but the list of protective parts for your bike include handguards, bash/skidplates, radiator sleeves, clutch & ignition protectors, pipe guards & front disc guards.




In cold weather riding gear. This stuff is built to be durable most of the time and you'll get a few good seasons use out of them.

Clothing we can't do without through winter include:

  • Riding jacket or vest (wind proof) to reduce that chill factor from the wind and elements
  • Specific winter riding gear.
  • A pair of Kevlar under gloves is awesome for keeping hands warm and reducing blisters at the same time!
  • Compression gear can be worn under for increased warmth if needed




Dual lens goggles help prevent fogging (due to condensation) on your ride. We like to call this the "foggle" effect. When your vision is impacted, your safety is too! Keep that in mind.


This article is originally posted at MXStore.