Pairing issue with Android 7.0 / 8.0 

Android 7.0/8.0 users may face some issue in installing the FOBO device. The work around to overcome this issue is as below:

1. Temporary solution –

User can login using the same email address into the FOBO App from any other compatible smartphone (not using Android 7/8) and try to install the FOBO device, after successful installation log out from the App and then login using the same email address from your smartphone.

2. Long-term solution –

User can download the beta App to change the FOBO device firmware. For this we need to add user’s Apple ID into the beta list, so that user can download the FOBO OAD  App with which user can change the FOBO device firmware.

If user chooses to go for the Long-term solution then please email the below information to us at “”:


Apple ID –

Product type (FOBO tire, FOBO tire plus, FOBO Bike)-

Serial number of the product ( Printed outside on the packaging box) :

Purchase date: