I really enjoy my FOBO Bike 2 tire monitors. I have them on two Harleys which makes it very easy to check if my tires have proper pressure before each ride. I did have a problem with one monitor which FOBO immediately replaced. Excellent customer service.

"Chet Willey"



Thanks for your quick response. It is easier than I thought.

I think it is the normal Fobotire for passenger cars. I will shortly purchase 3 more sensors, 1 for the spare wheel and 2 for my trailer

Pretty happy with the product and now also the service! Well done

Johan Jankowitz, AU



Thank you for prompt reply. Once again 1st class product and customer service.

Brett Roberts, USA 



Just wanted to let you know the sensors have arrived, I've installed them and they both work perfectly.

Thank you for your assistance resolving the issue and I really appreciated the level of customer service.

I'll look to get a second set of sensors in the near future.




Hey guys,

Just wanted to say really happy with the Bike2 I ordered via Indiegogo, been great seeing the app evolve and getting some great support from Sameer Thakur (one of the sensors isn’t always talking to the app, and I’ve given lots of suggestions for the app… some of which are hopefully helpful!)


I’ve also been spreading the good word: 1, 2, and 3 so hopefully you’ll see a couple more orders turn up 😊


One thing that would be really handy for me … I use another app as the ‘dashboard’ when I’m riding – Web and Android app (also an iOS app) – and would love to be able to see the tire pressures/temps displayed/logged in that app … do you have any plans to make an API so they might be able to integrate the TPMS data into their display (while still using your app to configure/change settings etc)? Because running your app all the time seems to have quite a hit on the battery I only really monitor pressures when riding (manually enable and disable the service) so that integration would be pretty handy (though sometimes I do have Waze running on my phone instead, so your overlay is handy)…. In a perfect world there would be one dashboard app than includes the RPMitUp data, yours, and Waze into one screen 😉


Regards, and all the best for the team at FOBO…


Jeremy Cath



I hit the clear memory and everything is good now. Thanks! By the way I love your product so much and the customer support I bought the FOBO tire unit for my son for Christmas. You make the best product!


Chris, USA



Thank you for your reply. You must not sleep, or perhaps you like the early, real early, morning hours. Whatever the case I am most appreciative of your support. While your suggested process was tedious, it seemed to work. Brought back the sensors to life with the old Motorola device, then switched to the Pixel, and voila', it works. We seem to be back to normal.

Many thanks for your support and a great product.

Robert Tretsch, USA



Thanks again and please know that I love your product!!!!!!!

George Valkenburg - USA



Set up was a snap: downloaded the App, followed instructions - step by step and very easy. Now I don't have to put it on the center stand and then crawl on the ground to check my air pressure. I can do it sitting at my kitchen table. Great p
Thanks again and please know that I love your product!!!!!!! roduct so far !!

Joe Domiano jr - USA



My FOBO Bike TPMS is working! Thanks so much. You stuck with me for several days until the problem was resolved. Excellent customer service!!



Thank you for such a quick response to my query.  Exceptionally fantastic customer service.
Appreciate it very much.

Kevin Price, USA



This has proven that customer service is important to provide an effective solution to end user. I have 4 sets of FOBO tire in my household and this strengthen my believe that I've purchased not only a product but as well as the customer experience that can never be replicated elsewhere.

Johnny G, Malaysia


I just changed the batteries of all 4 Sensors. The faulty sensor is working again. Thank you again for the quick support. Very good customer service!

Jossi Widjaja, Germany



Been using a competing brand of TPMS on my Harley Road Glide. I saw this, liked the product and company so I ordered it. Later this week I'll get metal valve stems installed the Fobo sensors. I'm very excited at what I"m seeing so far. One HUGE improvement (if not being planned already) would be for the tire pressures to be temperature compensated like the old SmarTire system that was quite popular.

Dan Schmidt, USA


The device functions are much more bigger than its size. It saves the hassle of checking the tire pressure and gives you updates right on screen, on demand, as and when you want. 

Once you start using it, the experience is smooth and pleasant. The device, phone application, integration, everything is amazing and easy to use. I highly recommend this product. 


Nitin Anand- USA



I have been using your FOBO tire gauge for more than 2 months and have found it to be well built, easy to install and have very user friendly interface. Well done!

Sim How Chuah



You guys are amazing!!
Most companies just rest on a great product but your customer service and support is something else.  I've always talked about your products, but now you give me something else to tell my friends about.
Excellent work, thank you very much.

Merry Christmas to you and thank you once again for a year of happiness using your Fobo tyre and Fobo bike products.

My support to FOBO is forever, please keep bringing out monitoring products for my vehicles and I will continue to purchase. My car and 2 motorbikes have the FOBO System and I'm about to buy some more for my wife's new car, she has become a believer also.

Travis Hall, USA



Thanks FOBO! I love the FOBO Bike tire pressure sensors and will recommend them to others.  You have a great product produced by a great company. 

Rick Thompson, USA





I used a tire gauge and thank god for your sensor. I have been riding with under inflated tires for good knows how long. I'm so glad I decided to buy your product. I'm going to convince all my friends to buy them. 

Jose, USA

Hey FOBO, 

I just finished a 12K mile trip around U.S with your TPMS units on my tires. They worked great, the battery lasted, the alertson the app worked well to let me know about changes in pressure.

I'm still a big fan of the product. It really is helpful on long trips and this time of year in New England we can have pretty big temp changes throughout the day.

Bryan, USA


Thank you so much for the quick response. Great customer service. Love the product. I have them on all 4 cars in my family.

- Ken Plotnick, USA


Thank you for your quick response and thank you for this excellent product. It blows away anything else out there. Yes, the price is up there but it’s well worth it. You get what you pay for and I pay for quality.

 So, thanks for the excellent support and for the product. Keep it up. I’ve just converted my car, my truck and my electric bike. Next is the tractor.

 - Heyward Drummond, USA


 My compliments for all your support & attention. I wish all manufacturers could provide after-sales support in same high standards you do.

Will write a note about FOBO’s service in the WBW’s site!!!

Thank you again.

Yours truly




I am writing to see if it would be possible to purchase one more set of Fobo Tire Plus (black) plus one FOBO Xtra.


They work so well I would like another set for the other car.




- Dale Williams, USA



Good Day, I have installed your TPMS system along with your T-Valves on my Harley. The setup was easy and only took a few minutes. I am very happy with your product and it is nice just being able to see my tire pressures using your APP. Having the T-Valves make it easy to add air, as one does not have to remove the sensors. Thanks for a great product LC.


- Leonard , USA



Yes...it works..thanks FOBO..great job…Will definitely recommend to my bikers friends.


- Mazley, Malaysia



I have since purchased FOBO tire and I just received it yesterday, so I’m now a very proud owner of a fantastic FOBO product. 

Your companies attention to detail and quality shows in everything from the packaging, to the videos and your customer support responses.  Your professionalism is outstanding and I for one greatly appreciate your time and efforts and wanted you to know that.  Yourself and everyone at “Salutica Allied Solutions Sdn. Bhd.” should be proud, as I’m sure you are.  Your products stand apart from others and the quality as I stated, are impeccable.   Thanks very much again and I look forward to using your product and telling other about it.


- Binder, USA


Greatly impressed with your product! Do you have a dealer in South Africa as we would love to promote this is South Africa.

- Francois Marais, South Africa


All your helped and walking me through the process helped and it is working again with my new phone.

Thank you so much for your excellent service.


- John Herdzina, USA




Your attention to ensuring customer satisfaction is a GREAT Example for
others to follow!

- Jeff McCartney, USA


Sorry, no problem. Was playing around. I think your product is a great feature for motorcycles. Keep up the good work.

- Gary Nicholas, USA

Hi Guys,


Thank you so much, firstly for your excellent products.  I already have FOBO Bike since release and love them.

 Now I'll have my car and other motorbike also setup for tyre monitoring, this is great.

 Your customer service is also of the highest quality and I couldn't be happier with the fast delivery of my latest order.  Thank you for being an excellent company and I'll keep spreading the good experience here in Australia.

 Have a great day!!!

 Thank you,


- Travis Hall, Australia



I wanted to write to thank you for making a truly great product. I'm writing specifically tonight as tonight I believe you guys have contributed to saving my life. I ride a Ninja ZX6R to work every day, and have the FOBO Bike Sensors plus the App on my iPhone. I was riding home tonight and as my phone was in my pocket I kept noticing it vibrating repeatedly as if something was wrong. I got onto the motorway and before long I could feel there was something strange with my bike - I pulled over to the hard shoulder, pulled my phone out and there were over 20 notifications on my Phone from the FOBO Bike app that my Rear tyre was Dangerously low in pressure. Thanks to this I pulled over in time before it got any worse and I tried to take a corner - and who knows what could have happened. Turned out I had ridden over a nail and was losing pressure fast. My only suggestion would be for the app was that that vibrations are too similar to other notifications like What Sapp or Email notifications - is it possible for the FOBO Bike app to vibrate for longer or in a specific pattern which could then alert me that it's FOBO Bike that’s alerting me - as most riders like me keep their phones in their pockets whilst they're riding. Thanks again - awesome product.


- Danny Draper, UK



Hi Customer Service,

Thank you very much for your assistance and great advice. Your dedication to finding a solution is to be congratulated.

I am extremely happy with the prompt and dedicated responses to my problems. You are a credit to your company.

Thank you and Best Regards.

-Mick Ditchburn, Australia


Thank you.

All now sorted. I am very impressed with the rapid support I have had.
I will be buying a further set for my wife's car.

 - Alan


You've created a seriously awesome product... and I love it. Keep up the good work.

- Andrew S. Lennon  USA


These are just incredible.  Telling everyone to get them.

- Charles Sumner USA 

Thank you, yet again.  
 Your prompt replies have been extremely helpful, and your product is great. I will soon order FOBO Tire for my car.  

-Seth Katz USA

Hello FOBO!

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance on this matter. The customer service with "Salutica Allied Solutions" is outstanding and I will definitely recommend your products to my family, friends and co-workers!
Thanks again for assistance with my RMA replacement of my FOBO MAX Key fob.

Best Regards,
-John USA

I was happy with your product and especially the service I received when I emailed you for support.
Your effort to satisfy your customers really shows. I am impressed with how fast you are replying and getting me tracking numbers.
Keep up the good work!
-Mike Osturkan


The units are going great on my Victory Cross Country Tour motorcycle.

I will recommend your product to all of my motorcycling colleagues.

-Kym Moulds


I've been the proud owner of the FOBO Bike sensors since its release.

These have been fantastic and I love this technology. 

Kindly Regards, 



I've just fitted Fobo Bike to my Triumph Trophy and have nothing but praise.

What an excellent product! It does "exactly what it says on the tin."

Best regards,
Tim Rose

"Thank you I received my new Fobo Bike today! 

Appreciate the great support, great product and all the best!"

Chris Page, United Kingdom


I have 3 monitors on my Ural motorcycle.

It’s an awesome product! I'll recommend to all my friends.  


Matt Richards

Well my feedback so far for using this device: it saved me twice already. I had experienced 2 times flat tire…not really flat but once was a nail and second was a screw.  And both FOBO Tire alerted me that the tire pressure was getting lower and I knew something was not right and it was clear.  

All thanks to FOBO really!

Vicky Rao, Malaysia

Thanks for considering my suggestion. Fobo is the best! ;)

Javier Ruiz Hidalgo

The sensor seems to be working now. The main purpose of this e-mail is to thank you for your follow up. 
I was impressed at how quick was your reply to my request.



I recently purchased two of your bike systems, and have told countless others about it. I like the system very much, but would really like to change the picture of the bike to more of a Harley Davidson style bike, is that possible? I have a 2011 FLHTK. Maybe make the option of choosing an image for the bike available.

Thanks, Adam

FOBO reply: A long press on the default picture will allow to replace it with camera or gallery pictures!

Dear Sir,

That was easy. I upgraded my mobile phone and re-installed my Fobo account into my new phone. Easily done. Good job. I use your sensors on my daily driver 1965 Cobra and also on my vintage racecar which is a 1970 Triumph TR6. Thanks Again!

Walter Hollowell Albuquerque, New Mexico USA 

Dear sir,

I have just received the replacement item. Thank you very much.
The way your company conducts its business with integrity and transparency should be emulated by all other startups and bigger companies.
Thank you for making this process as painless and easy for the customer as possible.

Warm regards,

Ir Bernard Simon 

-Plotini Raffaello

Thank you for the super quick reply. I`ve added the picture of my bike and now I`m very happy.
Your product is great and for sure worth the money, keep up the good work.

- Airstreamrocks,

Just installed my Fobo Bike and it was easy to do as you said.  I'm excited about my new tire sensor.  

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I happened to chance by your innovative product FOBO Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system when i was searching one for my vehicle. I'm almost lost hope in finding one that meet all my requirement till i came across your website.Your product really stand out from the rest with the product design and of course the way it function and link wireless with the smartphone.

Therefore i took the opportunity to trial out on both my car and bike. The experience of using this user friendly apps and the convenient of checking the pressure without having to be in or start the car is fantastic. This great product also allow my family whom are using the vehicle to check the tires pressure easily with the Foboshare. This product had a lot of potential to be the best globally with the rest of the competitors fall short in their system and design department.


Yee from Taiwan

- Luís Monteiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I bought Fobo Bike for my BMW and I am very happy with the quality not just for the hardware but software as well. Every other products that I tested had a very poor implementation and the software could not be considered even as alpha. Now the only piece that is missing in your solution is an android wear extension so I can see the pressure in my watch without remove the cellular from my pocket. Thanks a lot.

FOBO return comment: "Android Wear feature is under progress, stay tuned"

- Ric Ewing

"I have your Fobobike application. It would be great if you can add in your next upgrade a configuration for motorcycle with SINGLE wheel trailer. I have a Uni-go trailer. Right now I have it setup as a side car, so it works, but it should be easy to copy the sidecar option and create the single wheel trailer option. Thanks! Great app by the way"

FOBO return comment: “ We will work on the uni-go trailer config soon”

- Mike Werner, Normandy, France

"First of all, the sensors are very accurate. I have a high end compressor with pressure gauge and it showed my tires at the right pressure. However, the Fobo unit told me it was under-inflated. I then used 3 other gauges, one a professional unit from the motorcycle mechanic, and the Fobo unit was proven to be spot on"
"The Fobo is easy to use. Load your Fobo app and within seconds you can see the tire pressure, even if your bike is in the garage and hasn't be riding for months. The sensors communicate using Bluetooth 4 which give you a good 10 meters range. So with my garage built against my house, I can monitor the tire pressure sitting in my sofa"
"I also have an Apple Watch. And guess what?? Boy was I surprised when I got the low pressure warning on my watch. It started vibrating and sounding an alarm. A quick look and you could see that I had a pressure problem. ... handy"

Review link: http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/review-fobo---smart-and-ultimate-tpms-for-motorcycles.htm

- Dave Wall, Texas

"I purchased a FOBO for my son as a birthday present and was so impressed I purchased one the next day for my motorcycle.   So far it works just great and my grandson will soon have a birthday, guess what he will receive for his motorcycle"

"BTW, my son and I linked out bikes so we can monitor each other, great feature"

 "Great product and super value"

- Antonio

"Hi. I really like my Fobo Tire. It is a great product and has been very reliable and helpful. I would like to leave here a suggestion. I have a Car Play system and it would be really convenient if my Fobo could show information in Car Play so I didn't have to pull up my phone while driving. Thanks for making such a great product!"

"FOBO will commence work on this in the near future. "

- Steven Epstein, Texas, USA

"I received my FOBOBike. My initial impression, after a short ride, is that this is a well made and functional product. The packaging is very nice, and instructions and use are easy. Nice job"

- Sami Paskin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"By the way, GREAT product, I have a lot of fun, and impress other people too.
Besides that, I found a very tiny small hole in one of the tires, just because your product could show me one of the tires was loosing pressure little by little, like 1 psi per week. It would be impossible for my eyes to realize that until this tire would be VERY empty, risking my car, and making the hole bigger, probably even loosing this tire. So, with your product, we realize problems that would be undetected until too late otherwise.
To tell you the truth, I asked my dealer to check that, because I suspected this very tiny hole, and they confirmed. It’s so small I did not even go to a tire repair yet, but just because I’m checking every day this tire with your product until I do.
Love it!"

- Hong Boon Kheng, Malaysia

"Hello FOBO Team,

Thanks a lot for your help, - even during long public holidays!

This is first class customer support. Keep up the good work"

- Terry Maher, Idaho USA, BMW K1200LT

"Many thanks for your prompt attention to my FOBO bike order. Your product arrived in three days as advertised and the sensors were installed and paired to my iPhone within 10 minutes. Have only tested the product a short time but it is truly impressive. Excellent product"

- Cassius Callender, USA

"I just wanted to let you know that this suggestion worked great. Is good to have all the sensors within just one application. I will be ordering additional sensors for the spare tires and one Fobo Tire system for my wife's car soon. Thank you"

- Clifford Hudson

"Many thanks for the information and guidance. Its good to know that you have good support for this excellent unit. I continue to recommend it to my friends around the world"

- WingShu, OK, USA

"I have had my sensors installed for a couple months and love the system. I can check them inside the house with the bike in the garage and at work with the bike about a 100 feet from my window. I have never owned other TPMS but love the way this works. And for those interested, my phone is an HTC 1 running the Android system. Works like a charm"

- Moira

"It was very easy to install and it works a treat.... I'm very happy with it. Many thanks"

- Derek Vogel, USA

"I'm currently beta testing iOS 9 on an iPhone 6, and wanted to let you know that the new fonts of the operating system are causing the PSI readings to be truncated on the app. This may be something you're already aware of, but wanted to give you heads up because I think so highly of your product! Keep up the great work!"

- Michael Joe, Kirkland, WA, USA

Thank you so much for developing this TPMS!

“I was flying 70-80mph at some points on the freeway…a Fobo low pressure alert sounded on my iPhone!...it said my rear was at 10psi!...noticed the valve stem looked a little crooked.”  (it was later confirmed that the metal stem got dislodged from the rubber boot over time! Similar issue was widely discussed in the bike forum!) I am definitely a believer of TPMS systems now, especially for 2 wheelers! 

The FOBO system is well worth the money.  

So glad I got in on the initial release through Indiegogo.

I recommend it to all my moto riding friends that don't have a TPMS OEM on the bike!

- John Goodman, United Kingdom

"Hi received my order just now,what great service,will install later today"

- Ryan Ewart, Canada

"Hello, I recently purchased FOBO Tire as well as a FOBO Xtra to monitor my spare tire"

"Great system! I'm really impressed and happy with the product"

- Mike D'Amico, USA

"Hello,  I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my FOBO plus system"

" The moment I opened the package, I was very impressed with the quality starting with the box and extended to the device itself"

" It was very easy to install and functions very well"

" In short, I am very satisfied with my purchase"

"Thank you for manufacturing such a fine product"

- Les Mann, USA

"Thank you again for your outstanding customer service"

- Faidzullah, Malaysia

"Thank you very much for the great after sales service"

- Cheers Kym, Australia

"Firstly the packaging and enclosed instructions were comprehensive and clear"

"Secondly, fitting the units to my Victory Cross Country Tour was as easy as removing the value caps and replacing it with the FOBO units"

"Thirdly, the videos on your web page showing how to pair the units are clear and concise"

"I am very pleased with the FOBO"

"Congratulations on a great product"

- Alec Wisch, USA

"Just received the new fobo sensors and cover.  Wow, that was quick!  I’ve already installed the sensor and it is working properly.  Thanks again for such great customer service"

- Janel Lacroix, Canada

"This message is to commend the Customer Service Department  and all those involved in your company for the great way my queries were handled"

- Jimmy Wong, USA

"I commend your company for great customer service for fast responses to customer issues and resolution"

"I wished more U.S. companies were like this"

- Alberto, Italy

"I didn't know you before, but it's very evident that Salutica is a great and very serious company!"

- Ahmed S. Moussa, UAE

"Thank you for your quick reply. This is the fastest reply I have ever received from any merchant"

- Dennis Colligan, USA

"Excellent product and great customer support!"

- Inge Bakke, Norway

"Excellent service and support :)"

- Ron Piggott

"Hi there,

All done and fixed and working.

Thank you very much for your support and quick response.  I am now one very happy customer."