How To Change Default Image In FOBO Bike App


On 10 Jan 2016, at 13:12,  Jason.Curtis wrote:

Any way to be able to select the type of bike image in the app? Harley owner here and hate to have the image of a sport bike when I open the app. Maybe something to consider in the next release. Great app between, love having the peace of mind about my tires!!! 

On January 10, 2016 at 1:23:10 PM GMT+8, <> reply:

Thanks for writting in to us. Please take note you can change the default bike picture by performing long press on the bike picture, pop-up will appear and you can choose from the options available. 

On 10 Jan 2016, at 14:38,  Jason.curtis wrote:

THANK was driving me crazy. Thank you for the quick response. 

Fantastic product!!! 


Jason T. Curtis