Join us now. Be an Angel..

Will my location be traced OR will the app reveal my where about?

The smart phone will send its GPS location only upon being triggered by a nearby reported lost FOBO MAX tag.

Will my identity be revealed?

All ANGELs will remain anonymous. The FOBO Cloud will not show or keep record of who you are.

Will I be charged a fee?

The FOBO app is free. No strings attached. There are no charges for being an ANGEL.

Will turning on Bluetooth drain my battery?

No it will not. Bluetooth 4 used in our FOB MAX tag is a low energy wireless protocol. It uses much less energy compared to other Bluetooth wireless protocols. Please turn on Bluetooth in order to continue helping people.

Will turning on Location Services OR GPS in my phone drain the battery?

Yes, turning on the Location Service OR GPS may consume some battery charge. However, FOBO app will use the GPS function for a short period of time only when a reported lost FOBO MAX tag is detected. The app does not use location services all the time.

I am already a FOBO Tag user. How do I sign up to be an ANGEL?

You are automatically an ANGEL once you are a FOBO app user. Please ensure to update to the latest FOBO app. In other word all FOBO Tag app users are ANGELs ready to help people. You can however disable this ANGEL mode is the Setting screen.

Do I get rewarded for being ANGEL?

We welcome volunteers who believe in making this world a better place to live in. Being an ANGEL requires very little effort and no cost involved (except some small battery drain). However, the feeling that are part of a global network of volunteers helping people around the world can be exhilarating.